Sphere Point has two personalities that are intricately connected; rEvolution and Imagination; Protest and Art; Change and creativity… 

Sphere Point is part of the network of people that make up the global rEvolution movement, from Tunis to Tahrir, from Syntagma to the Icelandic revolution, from Puerta del Sol and the Indignados of the 15M to Zuccotti Park and the Occupy Movement and all the people fighting for global change, freedom, real democracy and human dignity and rights.

It is about revolution, evolution and re-evolution, free culture and internet freedom, showcasing original articles, opinion and commentary pieces as well as interesting news, videos and photos from around the world, with a particular focus on the less mainstream.

But also, there are other interests on this page too; music, arts, language, poetry, knowledge, beliefs, madness and whatever else takes the fancy of a Sphere Mind; diversity is cute.

As a great wise woman once said: “If you question everything you may end up in the counter current. If you question everything, then question it again you are most likely to end up a Sphere.”


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