Will She Kiss Me?

Will She Kiss Me?

Click to view ‘flow poetry’ presentation

Will She Kiss Me? is a poem presented in what I am pompously calling ‘Flow Poetry’. I am trying to explore different ways of presenting words that is more suited to the visual ethos of the internet. Here I have opted for using a Prezi in the hope of creating a different and exciting experience to read a poem and tell a story.

Click on the image and it will take you to the presentation. For best effect click ‘More’ in the bottom right corner and hit ‘Full Screen’ (don´t use ‘autoplay’, it ruins it). If you like it, share it 🙂

I would love to hear your feedback, both about the poem itself, and the ‘Flow Poetry’ style it´s presented in. Did you enjoy reading it this way? Was it distracting, or pure beauty? Please let me know.
~Syk Houdeib


Font: Trashco on Urban Fonts
Tutorial Video: How to create a stunning background effect in Prezi

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