Quebec Students Defeat Government

A great victory for the global rEvolution movement. A triumph for sustained protest and another example that joins Tahrir Square and Iceland in demonstrating how effective grassroots movements can be in bringing about change and stopping unjust governments. Another argument to use when faced with the usual attitude of “what good will this bring?” And even more importantly, another example of the direct horizontal democratic organization that is spreading further every day demonstrating that another way is possible.

The neoliberal government of Quebec decided to raise tuition fees. The students reacted and protests grew larger and larger. The government´s reaction was ‘bill 78’, an emergency law effectively prohibiting students from protesting. The response was 500,000 people protesting in defiance.

A strike that lasted 6 months, dozens of protests and demonstrations later and the government was forced to hold elections; they were defeated!
~Sphere Point

Read Victory for Quebec Students by Education Activist Network

and Quebec´s students provide a lesson in protest politics at the Guardian

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